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Dear Students and Parents, Warm Wishes from the entire IDEAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE family .

IDEAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE classes was founded in 2002, our vision was to provide the best quality guidance to Std. 11,12 Science and Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam Students. Thirteen years hence, IDEAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE has been growing by constantly adapting to various & varied changes brought about in the education system.

Testimony to our growth is the fact that we have produced numerous toppers over the past decade. th Students currently in Std. 10 and planning to appear for JEE/Medical in 2016, are well placed to understand what lines in store ahead as they would have the benefit of analyzing the trends of 2013 & 2014 before they appear for the Final Exams in 2016. Irrespective of the year in which a student is appearing for the Entrance Exams, one fact is clear. Students will have to follow a STRUCTURED COACHING PATTERNS with emphasis on the Std. 11, 12 Boards, JEEMains/ Medical Entrance and then for JEE-Advanced if preparing for IIT. To excel at the entrance exams, a student has to be fundamentally and conceptually strong at the school level. Hence the importance of the school exams and environment cannot be emphasized enough. Keeping this in mind we have added a Foundation course module, will be conducted at the start of all our 2 year programs and will focus on strengthening the mathematical and scientific concepts required while preparing for various entrance exams.

We at IDEAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Classes have been following the trends very closely and as we have been dominant in 11th , 12th and Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam coaching segments, we are well placed to adapt to the proposed changes. We are also confident of justifying the faith that the students have in the coaching at IDEAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE. With BEST WISHES FOR all your future academic endeavours. 


"To help students achieve their academic objectives by providing innovative, best in class coaching through interactive technology and methodology and to make learning meaningful and joyful".

  • To become the most trusted name in Engineering, Medical exams coaching from the student/parent perspective.
  • To become the best institute in the country from student/parent perspective.
  • To achieve leadership in the industry by redefining the existing teaching paradigms, making them relevant in the modern times.
  • To revolutionise education in India by setting new benchmarks for quality teaching with Evolved Learning.
  • To make Evolved Learning accessible and affordable to every individual, empowering him/her with the knowledge to realise his potential and achieve his dream ambition.
  • To evolve in every sphere, whether it is our teaching methodology, our reach, or our knowledge and thus, complete every student's learning.
  • To experiment with newer ideas that motivates each one of us everyday to improve on what we have already achieved.
Vision IAS


"To empower students to build stronger concepts to make them more confident to face any academic challenges in the future".